Project Samana, a 501c3 charity is looking for veterinary technician volunteers for our upcoming trips. The trips are as scheduled May 6th 2018- May 12th 2018,  September TBD 2nd week and November 2018 TBD.   We travel to Samana, Dominican Republic for a week and open a spay/neuter clinic for the town.  We are in need of a few small animal and equine techs.  In small animal you must be comfortable intubating, placing IV catheters, administration of anesthetic, surgery prep, monitoring and post-op recovery. Last year, we implemented local surgical blocks and go-home pain medication for every patient.  Equine techs need to be willing to work in the field with patients that may not be used to handling and be able to assist the veterinarian with administration of anesthetics, surgical prep and de-worming.  We work for 4 days and have a free day to sightsee.  It’s a great experience to work with some amazing surgeons, locals and see interesting cases that we may not see in Massachusetts.

Trip costs ~$1100-$1400 depending on accommodations. There are some fundraising and grants available.  Please contact us for more info at [email protected] or email me directly at [email protected] - Sarah Quigley CVT Board of Directors Project Samana, find us online at



Basic Animal Rescue Training (BART) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by volunteers in the veterinary profession. BART’s mission is to empower firefighters and other first responder personnel with the training and equipment necessary to safely and effectively handle pets, horses and livestock that they encounter in emergency situations.  We started teaching classes in Massachusetts a couple of years ago and now we need more trainers to help deliver this program to every town in our state.

We will be scheduling a Train the Trainer class in this area soon. We need veterinarians and veterinary technicians to be trained to give the class.  Once we know who is interested we will set up a mutually agreeable time and place to hold the training.  The training takes about 2-3 hours and then we would demonstrate the presentation to a local group of first responders, so the new trainers can observe.  Only veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and students in those professions can be trainers.

Please help us reach every community in Massachusetts with this important information. Contact David Schwarz, DVM, SMART president at [email protected]