Join the Massachusetts Veterinary Technician Association!

Please note: All membership applications and certification renewals must be submitted online.
Applications or renewals mailed to the MVTA office will not be accepted.

Certificated Veterinary Technician (CVT) - New Member Full membership

Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) full membership type is open to those who have received a passing score on the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) within the past 8 years (effective 1/1/2023 a passing score on the VTNE is required within the past 3 years) and meet one of the following additional requirements:

  • Graduates of an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) accredited veterinary technology or veterinary nursing program  
    • school transcript is required to be submitted and must contain:
      • your name, the program name, and list your degree.
      • Please note: you are required to upload a copy of your official transcript to submit your application. Scan your transcript, save it to your computer to upload in your application
  • Didn’t graduate from an AVMA Accredited veterinary technology or veterinary nursing program?
    • Use this link for the 4 alternative pathway to certification options are available until December 31, 2022. Applications for certification via an alternative pathway submitted January 1, 2023 or later will not be accepted.

Use the link below to apply for new membership as a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) in the state of Massachusetts.

New certification application- $65

 Please allow 4-6 weeks for application and renewal processing.

Certification via reciprocity

Veterinary technicians currently credentialed in a state other than Massachusetts applying for certification by the MVTA

Applicants seeking reciprocity must submit the following

  1. Proof of current credential as a veterinary technician.
  2. Proof of a passing score on the VTNE: When a person is transferring to another state, it is up to that individual to contact AAVSB to have his/her score transferred.  If transferring into Massachusetts, any copy of the official score is acceptable (either provided by the AAVSB or the official results provided to the person) provided that the actual numerical score is defined. There is no time limit for VTNE Scores when applying via reciprocity.
  3. Proof of graduating from an AVMA accredited Veterinary Technology/Veterinary Nursing program (either transcripts or diploma that includes program title)
Certification via reciprocity application - $65

 Please allow 4-6 weeks for application and renewal processing.

CVT Renewal Applications

An email renewal reminder will be sent in October of each year containing the link to that years renewal application.

A link will also be available on the "Members Only" page at that time. Use the link at the top of this page to log in. 

 Please allow 4-6 weeks for application and renewal processing.

Has your membership and certification lapsed for more than 1 year?

Please email [email protected] for information and a link to an online lapsed renewal form. Please note 12 CE credits per year are required to renew. A renewal fee of $50 per year plus a $25 late fee per year is required to renew.

What You Need to Know to Renew Your Certification