Massachusetts Veterinary Technician Association

Mission: Promoting and advocating for the profession of veterinary technology and veterinary nursing.

Our vision is to be the preeminent resource for the veterinary support team.

The MVTA is collaborating with the other New England State Veterinary Technician Associations to host the first ever

New England Regional Conference on Saturday, October 26, 2019

followed on Sunday, October 27, 2019, by the MVTA Annual Conference 

6 CEU Each Day!  That's right! Get all 12 CEU required to renew your CVT in one weekend!

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It’s Time to Recognize Someone Amazing!

Do you know someone in our veterinary community who deserves to be recognized for all they do for our field and our patients?

Well, the MVTA just happens to have 3 awards to honor just those people.

 Nominate someone for one of the annual MVTA awards:
Veterinary Technician of the Year
Veterinarian Appreciation Award
Donald Fulton Spotlight on Kindness Award

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