Continuing Education Program Approval

Standards for Approval for Continuing Education Offered within the State of Massachusetts

The MVTA Continuing Education (CE) Committee will approve a course to be offered only in the state of Massachusetts so long as it is determined the course will maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge, skills, and professional performance of the veterinary professional.  In determining if a course meets this standard, the CE Committee will consider the following requirements:

  • The course has substantial content which reflects the current trends in veterinary medicine.
  • The course content directly relates to the professional practice of veterinary medicine.
  • Learning events that are provided as a part of employee training will not be considered by the MVTA CE committee for CEUs.  (e.g. training on the use of specific medical equipment, hospital workflow training or safety training)
  • Each lecturer who has teaching responsibility in the course is qualified as a CVT, LVT, RVT, VTS, CVPM, DVM or VMD and proof of current licensure/certification may be requested.  Proposed speakers who do not hold one of these qualifications will be considered for approval on an individual basis by the MVTA CE Committee. 
  • Written or digital materials (notes, outlines or the presentation or images of the presentation slide itself) must be made available to all veterinary technicians who attend the course.  The MVTA CE committee reserves the right to see copies of the materials provided to participants.
  • One CEU is equivalent to a course that lasts 45-60 minutes in length.  Courses between 30 and 44 minutes will be awarded 0.5 CEU.
  • Courses approved by the MVTA CE Committee may be presented multiple times within a two year period from the date of approval providing the speaker and the course content remains unchanged.
  • Certificates of attendance must be provided and given to participants. Failure to provide a complete certificate to participants will result in CEU being denied approval.

The Certificate must include:

  • Space for attendee to write in her/his name or preprinted name of attendee
  • Lecture title (as approved by the MVTA CE Committee)
  • Date course was presented
  • Location course was presented
  • The name of the organization providing the course
  • Lecturer/Instructor Name
  • CEU hours awarded
  • A line that reads “Approved Continuing Education for Veterinary Technicians and Assistants by the MVTA”

To submit for approval to the MVTA complete the the request CE approval form below.

Request MVTA CE approval for a lecture or program

 Please allow 4 weeks for your request to be processed.

The following information is necessary in order for the CE to be considered for approval:

  • Name of the organization providing the course
  • Name and contact information for responsible person from the providing organization
  • Detailed course outline or description
  • List at least 3 learning objectives for attendees
  • Speaker(s) Curriculum Vitae or brief biography outlining experience that qualifies him/her as an instructor/lecturer and her/his professional credentials.
  • Time(s) and location(s) of all offerings of the course.  Exclusion is mobile lunch and learns where time(s) and location(s) can change frequently and future, unplanned events.

Questions concerning MVTA CE approval for your event? Please email: [email protected].